Meet The ProVas of Ogden Team

*** These forms are available on our website and can be completed online and downloaded prior to your visit.  We suggest you complete these forms ahead of time but if you prefer, you can obtain these forms at the ProVas office.

As part of your ProVas treatment plan, you will most likely be scheduled for an Ultrascound image prior to seeing the provider.  This Ultrasound gives the provider an accurate overview of your veins and arteries and is critical in determining your diagnosis and treatment options.

During your first visit, our provider will discuss your Ultrasound results and a treatment based on the results.  Treatment options range from diet, exercise, compression stockings or a procedure.  All the options will be thoroughly discussed with you.

If a procedure is diagnosed for your treatment.

Based on the ultrasound,

your symptoms and your medical history, you could be diagnosed as a candidate for any one of several procedural treatments. Once again, our provider will discuss in great detail the procedure best suited for you.

On the day of your procedure,

a member of the ProVas medical staff will briefly go over the procedure and what to expect. The staff member will provide you with basic answers to your questions before seeing the ProVas provider. Before your procedure, your doctor will also answer any questions and address any concerns. We want you to be informed, comfortable and confident before your procedure.

After the procedure and recovery.

Because our procedures are considered minimally invasive, the recovery time is short.  In fact, in most cases, you will be able to walk out on your own after a procedure.  We do however require you have a driver to take you home safely due to the lingering affects you may experience from any sedation related to the procedure.