Deep Venous Disease

The majority of patients diagnosed with DVT (Deep Venous Disease) are treated with blood thinners, anticoagulants, and compression stockings to try to encourage the body to naturally remove the DVT. Prescribing anticoagulants and blood thinners alone prevents the clot from moving to your heart or lungs or growing larger in size.  However, treatment with medications will not guarantee the clot will disappear or diminish in size over time or that your symptoms will go away entirely. As an alternative to anticoagulation therapy, the DVT can be removed with a simple, minimally invasive catheter procedure called a Thrombectomy. The physician will use a device that acts like a vacuum to disrupt the clot and quickly remove the blockage from your vein, immediately restoring flow to your legs.   For many patients, a Thrombectomy offers immediate benefits, eliminates the need for a hospital stay, and reduces the pain and swelling. Removing the DVT also provides long-term benefits to your health and dramatically reduces the risk for developing Post-Thrombotic Syndrome. Removing a DVT from your veins, makes you much less at risk for contracting chronic complications that affect your quality of life.